High street fashion clothingwill not remain beautiful as lengthy as solid-gold pieces, but you may still lengthen the existence of the watch by continuing to keep it clean. Cleaning watches is particularly important, as sweat and oils out of your wrist can dull the color or perhaps put on lower the gold-plating with time. However, you've got to be extra careful when cleaning gold-plating, or else you will expose the actual metal. Only use gentle cleansers and soft materials, and clean carefully and lightly. Don't scrub.


Dampen the corner of the soft cloth. Micro-fiber towels work great, but an ordinary cotton cloth works fine too. Rub within the gold-plating. If the step cleans your watch sufficiently and causes it to be sparkle, go no further. When the cleaning is not in which you would like it to be, then stick to the relaxation of those steps, always recalling to rub very lightly to ensure that you don't take away the plating.


Smear a small drop of plain tooth paste around the cloth. Start lightly rubbing the interior side from the gold-plated band.