Sometimes you need to put on a brief necklace within the collar of the shirt and often you need to put on an extended necklace outdoors the collar. You may make one handmade High street fashion clothing work for both by affixing the finishes from the necklace towards the shirt in the shoulders. You may also fasten a lengthy necklace which doesn't available to a shirt. This really is helpful if you're dancing and do not would like your jewelry to maneuver and be a danger.


Purchase a clasp such as the clasp in your necklace. Jewelry and craft stores sell a variety of kinds of jewelry clasps within the bead section.


Sew one for reds of the clasp towards the shoulder from the shirt 1 " from the collar. Hands sew it by sewing with the seam after which with the small loop around the clasp several occasions. Keep your stitches very close together.



Sew the related clasp within the same position alternatively shoulder. In case your necklace includes a front side, make sure to squeeze clasps to ensure that the necklace faces forward.