1. Frame Setting


Place your Cheap mens fashion suits face lower on the sheet of paper to start coming to a setting by having an edge or frame bezel. Trace round the shell's edge having a pencil. Write "back" in the heart of your tracing. Eliminate your tracing with a set of scissors, put it front-on another sheet of paper, and trace to create a shape that's identical to the front of the rhinestone.


Form your strip towards the front look at your tracing using the round wire still inside. Take away the round wire and cut within the strip in the edge towards the fold using wire blades. Bend the rest of the tail upward to 90 levels. Smooth all of the cut edges with jeweler's files and employ your lined pliers to pinch the tail right into a completely flat fold.



Fit the frame around your spend as carefully as you possibly can, take away the rhinestone and solder the interior seam with hard solder. Switch the rhinestone to determine the fit. Take away the rhinestone and employ round nose pliers to bend the tail right into a bail. Solder the finish from the bail to itself with medium solder. Create a type of household glue round the fringe of the rhinestone. Refit the rhinestone and shape the rear of the bezel tightly round the rhinestone.